Graded Stone And Aggregates

P Plunkett Ltd provides clients all over Westmeath, Meath, Cavan and Longford with high quality graded stone for building and construction sites.
All our products are designed and tested to compile with all IS/BS standards and directives. The graded stone products we provide include:

  • Graded Stone

  • 10mil up 150mil Graded Stone

  • Washed Gravel

Along with stone we also provide our clients with high-quality Aggregates including:

  • Builders Sand

  • Plasters Sand

  • 5mm grit

  • Pea gravel

  • 10mm chip

  • 20mm chip

  • 50mm stone (2″)

  • 6” Stone

  • Clause 804 (1.5″down)

  • Screened Gravel

  • Pit run gravel

  • Fine Sand

To discuss the specifications of any of our graded stone and aggregates, get in contact with our offices today.

Stone And Aggregates Transportation

Our large and extensive selection of graded stone and aggregates are available in easy to transport tonne bags. These bags can be securely loaded to a flat top lorry trailer and directly delivered to your site for unloading.
The advantage of this delivery method means graded stone and aggravate can be neatly stored for later use if the entire contents of the tonne bag are not used all at once.
The high quality material and the looped straps make moving the bags easy with the proper equipment.

For more information on our graded stone and aggravate delivery service, get in contact with P Plunkett Ltd today.